About Katelyn:

Katelyn Richards is a singer/songwriter NYC based who hails from Western MA. She's been singing, writing and performing as her sole career since 2010. She's released two full length albums so far- Have Yours Too (2012) which has won no awards, and Light Fight Insight (2016) which has also won no awards. But! She's works hard, rocks red hair, and she also passionately creates communities and spaces for other artists. And is currently training toward her Yellow Belt in ITF Taekwon do. She loves Otters, Irish everything, English accents, Light but not too light Beer, Shrimp, and last but not least her domestic/music partner Paul Howells and their two beautiful cats. You can find out more and have a listen at www.KatelynRichards.com

About Paul:

Paul Howells as a musician is a multi instrumentalist, lead guitarist, a singer, a producer and a creative arranger. He is also an extremely prominent sound engineer, NYU graduate and professor, as well as the founder of The Sidecar Studio in NYC. England born and Jersey Bred, this homeschooled, bearded busy man spends his days recording your music, constructing a project or two, cheffing up some gourmet meals, occasionally napping before spending his nights configuring a live sound system and rocking the house with his favorite red haired lady partner. Paul's original, self produced music is located at www.phowells.com